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COVID-19 Response at PKSB

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

To our clients,

PKSB has a contingency plan that will allow us to continue to service our clients through the recent governmental recommendations. Most of our staff will continue to operate from our offices here at 330 West 42ndstreet. All of our employees have access to their emails via their remote communication devices and some key employees have full remote access to office computer desktops at their homes. At our 330 West 42nd street office location we have a conference room set up for video conferencing. We anticipate that we will continue to operate normally. We will, for the next couple of weeks, be limiting site visits and meetings in cooperation with our client’s protocols and for the safety of our employees.

Our Promise:

Our employees are readily available to join project meetings via telephone and video conference calls, and they will continue to answer your questions and relay day-to-day updates through telephone and email communications. In the event that an employee is unable to travel, our staff is equipped to service your projects remotely. A picture is worth a thousand words and by sharing documents, emailing and having skype conference calls, we believe business can continue as usual, albeit with a few extra steps.

In light of the City’s announcement that 20% of city employees will work on staggered schedules, we may need to anticipate DOB / LPC delays. We understand that, and we hope you do as well.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all work together to navigate the challenges that will arise.


PKSB Architects

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