PKSB Architects

Temple Sholom


Temple Sholom | GREENWICH, CT

Temple Sholom is fortunate to have an adequately sized facility that is in relatively good condition. However, every aspect of the congregation has evolved in recent years – from the nursery and religious schools to the administrative staff to new and emerging social groups – and the Temple no longer functions as it did when the building was conceived.

PKSB worked closely with the various constituency groups to create a master plan that reorganized the building’s program within its current confines. Space is more accurately and appropriately distributed among the congregation’s interest groups. The school and temple wings are unified by opening an existing alarmed stairwell. Shared spaces are given maximum flexibility with the introduction of movable seating and additional folding partitions.

Most importantly, PKSB carried the master plan a step further by establishing an architectural identity that matches the synagogue’s current goals and values.