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The Seagram Building, commissioned by Joseph E. Seagram & Sons and completed in 1958, is the only building in New York designed by Mies van der Rohe. A monument to 20th century architecture, it embodies the modern ideal of the tower in the plaza.
As the Seagram Building’s curator and architect-in-residence for over twenty years, PKSB was charged with maintaining the integrity of the building’s interior and exterior architecture. In addition to curating the building, PKSB designed new office floors and a variety of objects, furnishings and signage that reflect and complement the original interiors. On the Seagram Building’s fourth floor, PKSB designed a gallery space for the storage and display of the corporation’s prized wine collection. Used for tastings and small events, the Wine Museum was called “one of New York’s best small rooms” by Paul Goldberger, Architecture Critic for the New York Times.
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