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PKSB's interior renovation of the Root House has won a National Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects. 
Responding to its location at the ocean’s edge, the house’s interior architecture enhances the sense of weightless suspension above the sea. Room divisions are traced by light, planar insertions, semi-transparent mesh screens, and movable pivot panels. The main organizer of the interior is a triple volume refectory. Fully glazed on the east, this space is a spatial extension of the ocean into the house. Views from the windowed wall make the surrounding buildings and much of the beach disappear, so that only the sea and sky are present.
A cantilevered bridge runs across the triple height refectory, connecting the more traditional and intimate living areas on either side. An active dialogue of materials, scales, and details resonates throughout the house. The kitchen is separated from the refectory by a curved maple screen. The custom-designed counter island is built of concrete with glass insets and an antique carved teak top. The kitchen’s eastern end has a casual dining area that looks out at the ocean.
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