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The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) has made it a priority to redevelop and revitalize Prospect Plaza in Brooklyn. To help achieve this goal, NYCHA held a three-day community planning workshop in June at the Van Dyke Community Center, attended by more than 100 people including former Prospect Plaza residents, neighbors, local leaders, and representatives from the offices of elected officials.
PKSB Architects led the design exercises throughout the 3-day workshop, collaborating with ACP Visioning and Planning on the preparation and development of the agenda, and working with the NYCHA Department of Development staff.
The Re-Vision Prospect Plaza workshop gathered input from participants on vision, goals, designs and implementation steps that provide a blueprint to re-make Prospect Plaza into a vibrant place to live. The result of this collaboration was shared with stakeholders at the workshop’s final presentation and will guide the redevelopment of Prospect Plaza. The community plan includes a mix of housing types, open space, community facilities and retail space to replace the remaining vacant Prospect Plaza towers.
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