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COVID-19 Office Reopening at PKSB

To our clients and colleagues,

PKSB Architects is reopening our office in stages to allow for all required Federal, State and City requirements’ implementation. Our building at 330 W 42nd Street has reopened with lobby and elevators at reduced capacity. If you have occasion to visit our office, please go directly to the Security Desk and bypass the 1199 screening table nearest to the doors. Masks and social distancing are required, and elevator capacity is limited to 4 occupants per cab!

We plan to fully reopen our office on July 6. On-site staffing will be reduced to comply with the recommendations to maintain social distance, but all staff will be available through our telecommuting software. Please double check our signatures for up to date contact information.

We are happy to see the city coming back to life, but understanding of the necessary rules required to prevent any resurgence of the virus. We will continue to use Zoom or Teams as online meeting platforms to reduce any exposure, and will track all staff and guest presence in the office space for wellness status.


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