PKSB Architects

MMC Plaza and Memorial


Marsh & Mclennan Companies (MMC) Plaza and Memorial | NEW YORK, NY

The existing plaza, designed twenty years ago, required a complete overhaul to compliment and complete the original vision stemming from the lobby renovation in 1995. The new design, which was completed in 2001 won a design award from The National Building Owners Association. The new plaza and lobby are now physically and visually contiguous as a whole.

Recently, Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC) funded the competition for a Memorial to commemorate 351 company members, who had lost their lives in the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center Towers. As architectural consultant, PKSB organized the competition and assisted in the implementation of the winning design. The design entails a series of objects aligned vertically and parallel to each other: two granite sheets, one angled slightly forward, flanking a square bronze grid which in turn stands before a wall of translucent glass. This series of objects helps to create an enclosure for the small surrounding grove of trees. Etched in the glass wall facing the plaza plinth is a list of names and signatures of the lost members, and the poignant quotation given by the company chairman in memoriam. A low granite bench allows visitors to sit in a secluded spot and contemplate the memorial.