PKSB Architects

High Rock Lodge


High Rock Lodge | CATSKILL, NY

Built for a couple who fell in love with a splendid 120 acre site overlooking the Catskill Creek in upstate New York, High Rock is a deeply personal home. The positioning of the home, its massive stone piers, cantilevered spaces, interiors and furnishings reflect the owner’s unique tastes and love of the immediate landscape. The forms utilized in the design pay homage to the site’s unique railroad history which inspired the likes of Thomas Cole (Founder of the Hudson River School).  Overlooking what the locals refer to as “The High Rock" (where the Catskill Creek bends), the home takes advantage of the dramatic site by utilizing materials reflected in the surrounding landscape. The design blends simple modernism with the more rustic textures of the area's great historic Adirondack camps.