PKSB Architects

Hangzhou Masterplan


Hangzhou Masterplan | HANGZHOU, CHINA

The complex is conceived as a civic garden and courtyard to provide secure public spaces for outdoor activities and amenities to support a new residential enclave. Additionally, the district will be home to a new Art Institute and Sculpture Garden surrounding the site. 

The residential use positions units to achieve optimal sun exposure and views to the historic district and immediate scenery around the site. There are a variety of residential choices offered from single flats, duplexes and roof top villas with their own outdoor terraces.

The civic courtyard is surrounded by a retail podium which houses a variety of storefronts and outlets. Occupants can inhabit the rooftop landscape which conceals the retail shops and anchor tenants below and at the street level. A large amphitheater and grandstand is integrated to support the public programs and serves both as a collector for shoppers, sightseers and formal gatherings. Cultural events such as concerts, theatrical productions, weddings and organized celebrations can be hosted in the civic garden.