PKSB Architects

Fifth Avenue Apartment


Fifth Avenue Apartment | NEW YORK, NY

The first in a series of Manhattan apartments for patrons of the arts accommodates the owner’s musicale and museum quality collection of Viennese Secessionist objects and furniture very quietly and subtly. Plain white walls, wood floors and sheetrock moldings mediate between the turn-of-the century collections, 1920’s building and the present to create a timeless quality. 

The architects combined the suite of rooms facing Central Park into one grand 20 by 50 foot salon where two seating areas are separated by a grand piano. The master bedroom on the south side of the suite was moved back toward the interior and, like the dining room on the north, was joined to the salon with elegant wood and glass doors that light the interior spaces and open them to crowds for receptions. The rooms in the T-shaped 3,500-square-foot apartment become increasingly private as they move away from the very public park out the window. The central entrance hall leads to the salon and dining room. Behind it, a spacious eat-in kitchen extends along one side of the hall, across from the master suite, and continues beyond to the children’s den, bedrooms and bath. 

Despite its grandeur, the apartment retains a remarkable intimacy. In a genteel counterpoint, the delicately crafted antiques and works of art play against the carefully scaled architectural details the assure a cultivated tone.