PKSB Architects

Downtown Loft


Downtown Loft Apartment | NEW YORK, NY

This Greenwich Village bachelor’s apartment is a large loft-like space with an open plan and light, planar insertions that incorporate storage. Translucent glass panels set in crisp white frames divide the space into a separate bedroom, den, and a workout room that becomes guest quarters when desired. A broad row of picture windows overlook the green oval of Madison Square Park, but there are touches of drama: Napoleon LeBrun’s Metropolitan Life tower (the Saint Mark’s campanile grown to 700 feet) and its gigantic colored clock looms in the foreground. The furniture is framed in bronze, made of rich teak, and covered in light textured fabrics.

The master suite on the lower level of this duplex apartment has an atmosphere of luxurious but quiet refinement. A polished bronze pole with a delicate glass shelf pivots a wall-sized mirror around the bed. Veils of light created by a complex and changeable system turn the entire apartment into a slightly surreal yet restrained casbah.

In contrast to the spareness of the other spaces, the bathroom is a lush, spa-like retreat that celebrates the senses. Major materials, such as teak, platinum leaf, and bronze, are highly tactile. Colored steam rises from a jacuzzi as fiber optic lighting tints the bath water. An intense range of hues bubbling to a syncopated beat (it can be timed to music) and a rainbow of reflections bounce off handmade glass lamps attached to the back-painted glass walls by bronze brackets and burning aromatic oils.