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The Burlington Town Center comprises 190,000 square feet of retail space and covers almost 5 acres of land in downtown Burlington, Vermont. Asked to reimagine the retail mall to today’s standards and market forces, PKSB looked to turn the mall inside-out to present a more enlivened and accessible pedestrian experience.  As one of the most livable, walkable small cities, there is a growing need for more housing and office space in downtown Burlington. The need for different types of retail and larger retail stores is another market force that has gone unanswered.
The design solution is a true mixed-use project consisting of retail, residential, and office uses. The project provides new retail storefronts on the ground level and new residential housing units and commercial offices above. The original north-south connections have been reestablished by breaking down the scale of the existing mall's mega-blocks and reintroducing public streets into the city grid.
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