PKSB Architects

Adaptive Reuse


We tend to characterize buildings as static, permanent. In reality, they can tell a story as rich and complex as the lives we live. Adaptive reuse has been a bedrock of PKSB’s practice since its inception. The conversion of the Asphalt Green mixing plant utilized geothermal energy in transforming a former mixing plant into a bustling recreation center for the city’s east side. At the Puck Building, PKSB served as Architects for residential conversion and rooftop addition. Once home to the printing presses of Puck Magazine, the 130 year old building now stands as a multi-use campus of retail, restaurant, office, residential, and community facility at the heart of the SoHo neighborhood. The project required a massive coordination effort to sort through the complex and interwoven building systems.

In New York City, adaptive reuse can be an important tool for promoting sustainability while encouraging preservation. It allows buildings to take on new life and adapt not only to their new uses but to our ever changing times, values, and cultural identities.

In Adaptive Reuse projects, the past and the present come together in a conversation about the future.
— Sherida E. Paulsen